Plumbing tips for people in Calgary

Responsible home ownership includes looking after the various systems inside your home to keep it running smoothly. One of the most complex parts of this job is plumbing repair and maintenance. Many times problems can be solved by hand with proper knowledge, but if the issue becomes more than one or two people can handle, professionals need to be called in. Whether you plan on trying to resolve all issues that come up on your own, or consult a professional each time, there are 5 important home plumbing tips every home owner should be aware of before taking on any plumbing job.

Home Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know

The plumbing in any home can be a complex system, but knowing the basics can help solve minor issues that come up, or prevent minor issues from turning into major problems.

5 Important home plumbing tips every homeowner should be aware of include:

Shutting off Water to the House – every home has a valve that is connected to the main water supply. Knowing where this valve is and how to shut it off can turn stop minor or major leaks from flooding your house, or stop water flow so you can complete repairs that will take more than just a few turns of a wrench.

Handling Overflows – Overflowing toilets are a common problem in every household, and if your toilet is constantly doing this it’s time to replace certain parts that will stop the issue. This is part of general maintenance and can be done without the assistance of a professional with the proper instruction.

Sinks and Pipe Clogs – like toilets, drains and pipes can become clogged with dust and debris over time and will require cleaning. While commercial drain cleaners or a plunger can take care of a short-term problem, knowing how to turn off the water and disassemble the drain for proper cleaning is maintenance step that will save money and time in the long-term.

Replacing Machine Hoses – Washing machines and certain refrigeration systems have hoses that connect them to waterlines, and overtime these plastic hoses often break down or develop cracks. Inspecting these hoses and replacing them before they cause bigger issues is an easy step any home owner can take.

Repairing Leaks and Drips – minor leaks or drippy faucets aren’t much of a concern at the beginning, but left alone for too long and they can become a large problem over time. Keep faucets tightened and if you notice leaks work to fix them at the start by evaluating where the water is coming from to avoid larger problems later on.

While plumbing is a complex system, one that needs to be maintained and watched by every home owner, regular maintenance on the general structure of the system can save homeowners from damage from water, sewer back-ups, or other plumbing issues that can arrive. By following these 5 important home plumbing tips, all maintenance will take is a good eye and some extra effort to keep your plumbing system functioning properly throughout ownership of your current home, or any new home you ever own.

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